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Blog 9/16/2017: Construction of the “AlertPueblo” system is underway

By Jenny Paulson – I recently announced my intentions to write a blog and possibly book entitled Pueblo Neighborhood Project: Restoring Pueblo Block By Block to Create a…

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Blog 9/16/2017: Remembering Kelsie – creating an alert system in Pueblo for missing persons and crimes

By Jenny Paulson – Today I posted on Facebook that we are going to create local Facebook and other tech alerts to help inform our City, neighborhood by…

Bojon Town/Eiler Heights – Potica, Pints and Prayers Video

Bojon Town/Eiler Heights – Potica, Pints and Prayers Video

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Bojon Town/Eiler Heights – Eiler’s Place

Right, Floyd Jaramillo

Dog Patch – Floyd Jaramillo

Floyd Jaramillo has lived in the Dog Patch area of Pueblo for many years and loves his neighborhood. He’s very involved in giving back to his community and…

George Samarus

Historic North Side – George Samarus

George Samarus is a local activist, musician and philosopher who believes that Pueblo’s conscious is awaking and that we are moving towards a new paradigm. George lives in…